Care guide

Natural fibres

Our designers have traveled the world to find fabrics that are woven from 100% natural fibers. These are long-lasting, machine washable and high quality materials that meet Artefly's high standards. All Artefly products are made from 100% cotton.

Fabric dyeing and printing on cotton

Artefly offers a wide range of colour-coordinated slipcover collections to make decorating easier and more fun. If you're ordering the same color and type of fabric to furnish an entire room, it's a good practice to order all slipcovers in the same purchase to ensure uniformity of fabric and color since it will be cut from the same roll.

Cotton fabrics

Cotton is our favourite material for its high tensile strength and durability. Because the look and feel is defined by the weaving method, as well as the texture and quality of the cotton yarn used, Artefly products are distinguished by their exclusively high quality weave. The fabric is strong enough to withstand heavy use while maintaining softness.


Cleaning and care of Artefly slipcovers

To ensure the longevity and original texture quality of Artefly fabrics, please follow the care instructions in the guide below:

Fading rate

Our printed and dyed fabrics have good color retention but all fabrics do eventually fade. Minimise exposure to direct sunlight to avoid accelerating the natural fading process. As a best practice, place the furniture out of direct sunlight or use curtains to filter or block the sunlight during the daylight hours. Additionally, it is not recommended to use Artefly products outdoors as it will adversely affect the color and texture of the material.

Washing washing

Most of the soiling is caused by spills and airborne dust. This can be largely reduced or avoided altogether. Stains caused by spills can be remedied by timely care. Luckily we have prepared our products for these situations and treated them with stain protector that will keep them looking like new longer. All Artefly slipcovers are machine washable and we recommend washing them regularly if you notice stains or dirt.

1. Review the recommended temperature, wash cycle and ironing instructions located on the label inside of Artefly cover.

2. Zip up any zippers or button up any buttons if present on the product.

3. Choose a mild detergent without optical brightening agents or bleach as they may cause fading.

4. DO NOT USE fabric softeners, they may permanently alter the texture of the Artefly fabric.

5. Always wash all slipcovers from a set together. Separate cleaning cycle may result in obvious color differences.

6. Don’t overfill the washing machine drum. Finish the cleaning cycle in separate loads if needed.

7. A spin cycle is usually included in most 40°C wash cycle programs.

Drying draying

The Artefly covers must be air dried as they may shrink in the hot air of a tumble dryer.

Ironing ironing

As the covers are almost dry we recommend ironing the fabric while still slightly damp on high heat on the reverse side of the fabric. This will reactivate the stain protector to slow down future soiling. Please ensure to avoid ironing over reinforcements (white areas) as the heat may compromise the integrity of these fabric reinforcements. Best practice is to fit the covers while they are still slightly damp and fabric has a little more stretch and shaping characteristic.

Bleaching bleaching

Do not bleach Artefly products. Chlorine in bleach causes the fabric fibers to disintegrate over time.

Chemical cleaning / Dry cleaning cleaning

Do not use any chemical cleaners on Artefly fabrics.


The fabrics are treated by Sanforization, an industrial method to resist shrinkage. You may notice a small amount of shrinkage after the first wash as is typical for all woven fabrics, especially natural fibres such as cotton. We guarantee shape retention and minimal shrinkage, provided that the specified care instructions are observed. All our fabrics are subjected to meticulous testing to ensure highest quality.