The LINE sofa slipcover is a piece of art to be draped over your sofa instead of on the wall. Just check out the perfect brushstrokes on the drawings!

Composition: 100% cotton
Gramage: 260g/m2
Fabric properties: durable, pleasant
Characteristics: Digital printing

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Klippan LINIE potah

Give your home the luxury of a piece of art that hangs neither on the wall, nor is locked up in your safe, but stands majesticly draped over your sofa. The pattern on our LINE sofa slipcover is purely graphic with the better part of it being done by hand. The drawings are then further computer-modified to burst into a symmetrical pattern that is a combination of both human and a machine - a timeless piece born out of technical drawings, computer graphics and the brushstroke of the author’s hand.

Every product is original. During the production of the cover, the pattern may shift.