Evoking rebellion in America, the retro design of our TATTOO sofa slipcover draws inspiration from the 50s and sports all the mandatory rockabilly elements.

Composition: 100% cotton
Gramage: 260g/m2
Fabric properties: durable, pleasant
Characteristics: Digital printing

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Klippan TATTOO potah


Inspired by retro tattoos from the 50s. If your soul craves for things that look like something out of the 1950s, take it to the next level and get yourself our Tattoo sofa slipcover with all the rockabilly essentials included in the pattern. Your reinvented sofa will evoke rebellion of America, throbbing with Elvis Presley and rock and roll… and much more, the classic iconography of rockabilly goes on with beardies, pirates and sailors, mermaid, swallows and a tattooed skull. Tattoos are forever. And when you fall head over heels in love, you have their name tattooed deep in your skin. And when you fall out of love, you just get a new tat... just like when you feel like a new sofa slipcover. Which is lot easier with Artefly...

Each product is original because the designs are continuously sewn.

Klippan Tattoo