The floral motif with a dash of greenery on the Beta armchair will grow on you and its scattered beetroot will belong in any interior. You Beta!

Composition: 100% cotton
Gramage: 260g/m2
Fabric properties: durable, pleasant
Characteristics: Digital printing

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strandmon 08 BETA 2
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Strandmon BETA potah

Do you want your sofa to stand out from the crowd and grow on you? Then dress it up in our floral motif with a bit of vegetable: instead of flowers, we give you beets. Randomly scattered all over the seat, of course, to make your selection worth sitting through. Our BETA armchair cover features a repeating pattern that takes up the entire seat area, with the beetroot typically in purple but elevated in combination with blue and white. Let the design of your redesigned sofa own the interior and you can use it in many different contexts, whether it's an urban, cosmopolitan interior or a more rustic country setting.

Every product is original. During the production of the cover, the pattern may shift.