All the blue you can love. Ink, plum, jeans - sapphire, monocle, notebook - blue eyes, blue velvet, blue cat and Morpheus asks: will you choose red or blue? And Neo thinks and then answers! A cover for lovers of the colour blue.

Composition: 100% cotton
Gramage: 260g/m2
Fabric properties: durable, pleasant
Characteristics: Digital printing

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All the blue you could love, now in one cover. From ink and plum to jeans - sapphire, from monocle and sewing to blue eyes, velvet surfaces and cats. We all know the famous scene in The Matrix when Morpheus asks Neo if he'd choose the red pill or the blue pill. If you choose blue, the Strandmon Blue cover is the right choice for you. The perfect shade of blue for your sofa or armchair, and easy to mix and match with other colours. Choose your favourite shade and give your interior the perfect harmony. And for those who crave something sweet, why not try plum?

Every product is original. During the production of the cover, the pattern may shift.