Geometric shapes in bold colours. The pattern based on large colour areas created by large format printing adds a new dimension.

Composition: 100% cotton
Gramage: 260g/m2
Fabric properties: durable, pleasant
Characteristics: Digital printing

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Strandmon COLORBLOCK potah

A sofa arrangement doesn't mean you can't go simple and minimalist and still put on a great show. Quite the opposite. If you like clean geometry and bold colors, you want to use our Colorblock cover, which boasts a bold pattern based on a large color area design born from large format printing. A fashionable composition that combines large color areas while remaining geometrically clean, it's the perfect choice for any interior or public space, such as modern office buildings with lots of eye-catching concrete. That's where the colorblock pattern comes in and can brighten up a space and give it a fresh new look without major remodeling.

Every product is original. During the production of the cover, the pattern may shift.